Conduct & Ethics


It is only right to raise your expectations about the standard of our service, but we will never make promises we can’t keep.

Our customers can also rely on the regular attention of an Area Manager who will provide their single point of contact.

Canberra Cleaning Services uses only environmentally safe, Ph neutral chemicals and the most up-to-date equipment that meets detailed safety standards.

Most importantly, we are totally committed to keeping our staff, together with your staff and customers, safe and secure at all times. All staff are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, some have police clearances and wear uniforms complete with photo identification.


Fundamental to Canberra Cleaning Services staff training program is a philosophy that instills a thorough understanding that our customers’ satisfaction is integral to our ongoing success.

Canberra Cleaning Services cleaners will always call you by name. We pride ourselves on personal service and we’re pleased to say that after more than 20 years in business, our friendly customer ethic is evidence by the outstanding loyalty shown by our clients.

Canberra Cleaning Services cleaners are trained to exceed expectations at all times. Recent examples of this (apart from special efforts such as cleaning up after parties or celebrations without prior notice of the event), include alerting clients when money has been left out on desks, waiting back when security systems have failed, alerting management and awaiting police presence after client buildings have had a break-in.