Building Management

Canberra Building Management

Running your building effectively and efficiently are the most important factors in creating a balanced and happy environment for owners and tenants alike

Canberra building management offer:

  • A professional approach to Upper level management who have direct and constant contact with their staff at all buildings
  • A long involvement with the Building Management industry through prior financial involvement in a Facility Management company
  • A sound knowledge base of building plant and processes
  • Set Policies and Procedures to ensure consistency and conformity
  • A philosophy to provide a holistic, well supported Building Management service for all building types, by providing trained, dedicated and supported staff.

What we do:

Canberra Building Management employs quality Building Managers and Attendants who are placed in buildings.

In addition we undertake the following:

  • Ensure staff and contractors are compliant with all relevant Acts and Regulations
  • Provide replacement staff for our buildings and others
  • Undertake OH&S audits
  • Training of staff in all areas of responsibility and provide professional development opportunities

Contracting Staff

All Canberra building management Managers and Building Attendants are employed directly by us. We will contract staff to the building for cleaning and other services as and when required. These contractors are all supervised and managed by the Building Management.


We will provide technology for the building that will:

  • Keep records of all residents and owners
  • Record building plant and its maintenance, servicing and warranty schedules
  • Record the coming and going of all contractors
  • Provide a note system for the Building Manager and Attendants
  • Will provide work orders and an ongoing record of all works and maintenance undertaken at the property

Canberra building management Services

Building Managers and Attendants attend to all requirements of the common property. Their duties may include but are not limited to:


  • Deal with all mail, including papers and parcels
  • Attend to owners and occupiers requests in a friendly and reasonable manner whilst ensuring only common matters are attended to
  • Manage cleaning staff
  • Walk through the entire building every day to ensure cleanliness, note damage, log all OH&S issues
  • Liaise with Committees of Management and the Owners Corporation Manager (if applicable)

Staff and contractors

  • Manage building/ facility staff
  • Attend after hours (emergency attendance) if required.
  • Ensure the attendance of any requested maintenance company personnel
  • Supervise any contractors or tradespeople who attend the site to undertake work


  • Attend to concerns of residents
  • Maintain an updated and current owner/ resident’s register
  • Order and distribute keys, fobs and remotes
  • Monitor and supervise all move ins and outs.

Building Services

  • Ensure all plant and equipment is regularly maintained.
  • Put in place and monitor the effectiveness of and report on contracts for building services such as lifts and essential services
  • Manage small capital works
  • Manage waste services
  • Manage building automation systems
  • Maintain records of all contractors who attend site, recording who, when and what they are doing
  • Maintain records of the maintenance that occurs, and sign off on it once they have evidence of such
  • Undertake small maintenance at the property within their capabilities. This may include changing light globes.

Canberra waste services

Essential Services

  • Put in place contracts for essential services and regularly monitor both contract and inspections to ensure compliance
  • Put in place emergency evacuation procedures and ensure residents are made aware of such
  • Ensure compliance with relevant building codes and standards


  • Write a monthly operational report
  • Provide other reports when and where required


  • Attend where possible and practical Committee Of Management, Special General and Annual General meetings
  • Provide for meetings any materials requested within a reasonable time frame
  • Provide recommendations for improvements where required

Computer Use

  • Maintain electronic records of all owners and residents
  • Maintain records of all scheduled servicing contracts

Canberra building management 1

Benefits to the residents of your Building

  • Well-mannered and presented staff on site to help with day to day issues
  • Supportive Management Company who provide information and training to its staff
  • Well-developed communication channels with all stakeholders
  • Immediate attendance to issues at the property as they arise
  • Accountability

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Attend to OH&S concerns
  • Note OH&S concerns and liaise with Owners Corporation Management and/or Committee to ensure issues are addressed
  • Ensure all who attend the site comply with OC Rules and OH&S law

Canberra building management

The Building Manager ensures that all contractors who are engaged at your building provide all necessary documentation, required by Law, to our office. This includes liability insurance, Work care registration (where applicable) and safe works methods statements.

Where such documentation is not forthcoming the Owners Corporation and/or Committees of Management will be advised of the Contractors non compliance.

Our services range from Civic, Belconnen, Tuggeranong as well as Queanbeyan. Providing prompt services to our happy clients.

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