Canberra Cleaning Service

Canberra Cleaning Service is based in Canberra

Canberra Cleaning Service provides services across Canberra & Queanbeyan.

Canberra Cleaning Service

Our operations are centred on accomplishing high quality cleaning

maintenance to our clients regular office cleaning needs may it be average small, medium or large business establishments.

Your facility will be serviced by cleaners with:

Australian Federal Police clearance;

Current WWVP clearance;

Canberra Cleaning Service is committed to providing quality services aimed at meeting and exceeding client requirements. This objective is accomplished through a stringent staff selection process in conjunction with extensive training, research and development.


Our services range from Civic, Belconnen, Tuggeranong as well as Queanbeyan. Providing prompt services to our satisfied clients.

Our highly trained and regularly supervised staff clean both businesses and private homes in the Perth area using our environmentally friendly products and techniques.


Canberra Cleaning Service

Canberra Contract Cleaning Services combines a deep understanding of the cleaning industry with a total commitment to client satisfaction.

All our cleaners are highly skilled, motivated and having a great attitude towards their duties. In order to make sure that all our quality standards will be met, our employees are passing an training program, which ensures the customer to receive a service second to none.

Today, Canberra Cleaning Services is an established and reputable market participant with a great number of satisfied customers. Canberra Cleaning Services is committed to ensure that all our employees embrace the Quality Policy.

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